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If a man does not give compliments to his beloved woman, how is she supposed to know that he loves her? Goes without saying, it’s what people do, not what they say. But giving compliments to a woman, it’s what men have been doing for centuries. What’s the purpose of a compliment? To make the woman smile and make her feel terrific and sexy. Flirting without compliments? Nah, that won’t fly.

Complimenting a Woman Goes a Long Way

So, what is a perfect compliment for a woman? Whatever you decide to say, do not think of sex only. A lot of women are educated, sharp, have a great sense of humor and they want men to appreciate that. Women want to feel sexy, but they do not want to be treated as sex objects.  Tough situation! Let’s take a minute now and talk about how to compliment a woman in a way that pleases her.

Complimenting a Woman Is the First Step To Getting  the Woman

People love to be complimented on their accomplishments. Women love to be complimented on how great they look, on being stylish, being good mothers, great friends, having an interesting occupation.

May be you are impressed by the colors she is wearing and how great these colors look on her? Tell her about it. I always chuckle when I hear: ‘I love your dress!’. I always ask a question, but not necessarily out loud: ‘Who do you compliment? My dress designer or me?’ If you want to compliment how she looks wearing that dress, tell her: I love how that dress looks on you, how it makes you even more beautiful’.

Compliment the woman as much as you want about the way she looks, the way she talks, the way she walks. Compliment her style, her sense of humor. It is always proper to say if you feel this way “Wow, I am impressed. You are a great conversationalist. I had no idea you were such an expert in…’. She will know that you are sincere and will appreciate it.

Showing her that you like her not only because she is a beautiful woman but also a smart person or an expert – that’s classy. On the other hand, a lot of women I know love the compliments that appeal to their vanity. Go figure!