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Heard of speed dating? Those that do not know anybody who used speed dating get scared of meeting someone fast and being rejected even faster. Even though it can happen, it’s not always the case. Some people get a date or a girlfriend and some people even get married after coming to a speed dating event.

How to Meet Girls

If you keep bugging your friends with requests to introduce you to girls, may be you can get to meet a new girl once a month. If you go to bars to pick up women do they want to do anything with you? May be sometimes they do but it does not happen every day.

Is Speed Dating Really Scary?

No, you don’t even have time to get scared, really. You meet the opposite sex in a very short period of time. Everybody knows why they are came: to get dates or more. Not everybody is going to be interested in you. But let’s face it you are not even ready to chase every skirt you see, right?
Speed dating is a fast way to meet as many people as you possible can. What if you could practice dating? Sounds crazy? That’s how some people look at speed dating. If you meet up 10 to 20 people in one evening you get to practice dating. You will make the first impression many times during the same evening and get better and better at it as a result. That’s practice in it’s purest form. You will watch the opposite sex, see and analyze what they do and learn, of course.

Speed dating event takes out all the guess work. Everybody is single and approachable. So, who comes to 3 minute speed dating events? It’s usually single professional people. BTW, in reality it’s 3 to 7 minutes.

Before you even think that you want to attend, do this:

Write your personal dating ‘elevator pitch’ – your short bio outlining major points and emphasizing everything positive. Remember to do it because if you won’t who will? You cannot bring your mom with you.

What are the most important questions you want to have answers before you will consider to see the same person soon? Here are a couple of questions:

  • What do you do for fun?
  • How long was your last relationship?
  • Do You like to read?
  • Are you handy with computers?

Never ever ask about salary. That’s a big no-no at a speed dating event. Please, remember that you will be asked questions as well.